Shameless Self-Promotion

Let me start off by saying you mustn’t gush over your own writing. Were a publisher, agent or editor to come across your work and see “This is the greatest epic since Game of Thrones”—and it’s not? Do you know what they’re going to think, besides knowing you’re seriously deluded? That you’re going to be difficult to work with. And humble writer is more likely to take criticism and direction from an editor than someone who things they’re the next Toni Morrison.

By shameless self-promotion I mean get yourself out there as often and in as many places as you can find.

Then I realized I’d forgotten to promote myself! Here! On the very spot where my author platform began. I don’t think my fiction is going to take the literary world by storm. I doubt I’ll ever have millions of readers but that’s no reason to not go as far as possible and it’s easier to get your name, your brand as they say now, before the reading public in this digital age. Everyone and their dog has a book on Kindle and Amazon now.

Don’t ask me how to get yours on there. I’m not sure I want to go the route of self-publishing. It’s not where the money is, honestly. I’ve already spent enough time getting paid minimally or not at all. If I can get my butt in gear and actually finish a novel, I’ll tell you how I got it noticed by an agent/editor/publisher if and when that happens. Right now I’m still getting my feet wet and getting published when a submission call hits me with a story idea and I realize that story will belong nowhere else, even if I don’t get paid for it. It still will have been published and that’s the name of the game.

That being said, here are the places I’m promoting myself. Check me out and leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to go see what you’re doing and comment on it. That’s how it works. All of us have an itchy back and it feels great when a fellow writer scratches it.

This is the link to my Facebook writer page. It’s been moderately successful and I had no idea of what I was doing when I created it. Wasn’t very hard to do and you can make one of your own with a little time and teeth gritting.

That’s my Twitter page. I really don’t know my way around Twitter yet but I’m trying.

Their Own Little World is my favorite. I’ve been doing this Facebook group for years and it has nothing to do with writing. This is for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s/dementia. It has advice, information, government contact numbers and good old-fashioned commiseration for those doing a difficult, but often rewarding, job.

I believe I’ve posted about Mandatory Midnight here already but seeing as how it’s the only place to have published one of my novellas in serial form, I may as well include it. Who knows? You might want to read The Changed. I got this opportunity through one of my writing groups when David Harris asked if I’d like to do a series. Sure. Why not?

So, that ‘s my self-promotion. Don’t be afraid to post yours as often as as disparately as possible. This is what will get you noticed. And, please, visit mine and invite me to yours. Let’s support each other. If nothing else, each time you visit one of your sites you click yourself another point. If you don’t promote yourself most of all, who will?

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