Success Is More Than Just Money

Well, money would be nice, too.

I’ve been semi-serious about promoting my writing for only two years now. A younger person with less knowledge of how the universe works would have probably chewed their bit in two by now. A younger person, though, has more energy and a greater understanding of the online world than I do, having grown up on the WWW. They know what all those acronyms mean. I frequently have to look up the definition of publishing terms that are quite common now.

In short, I’m lazy. I need to quit hammering the keyboard and get with the times. You won’t make jack if you can’t paddle your own boat.

One thing I have done right is join writer’s groups and network with writers of different genres. I got asked to write a serial for a dark fiction ezine called Mandatory Midnight that has turned out marvelously well. David Paul Harris is dedicated to helping unknown and little-known authors and artists get their work noticed so it can attract attention and possibly lead to a book contract or other monetary gain. It’s not a paying gig but money isn’t everything in the publishing world. Getting your name out there is.

The Changed -- Chapter Nine -- by Dee Caples

David Paul does the art work on each chapter in digital format. The picture above is for Chapter Nine. If the work were ever optioned by a paying publisher, he agrees that the art goes with the story. See how it works? I scratch his back, he scratches mine and we both get recognized for what we’ve created. That’s what Manadatory Midnight is all about, getting art and short stories seen and read. My story The Changed has attracted over three thousand readers and I am thrilled about that!

Go to to check out Mandatory Midnight. He also has reviews on well-known authors like Ray Bradbury and interviews with writers and film makers. Stay and browse the art. Or, better yet, go to the submissions page and send in something of your own.

#MandatoryMidnight, #uneasywriter

2 thoughts on “Success Is More Than Just Money

  1. One way I have been blessed, is that somewhere along the way to trying to picture the worlds I wanted to create, I became a competent digital artist. If not the best illustrator. Somewhere along the way to that, being frustrated with the tools at my disposal I became a technical artist. It pays the bills better than vast majority of writers can hope for, and honestly that’s rather sad in my estimation. We undervalue story telling so much as a society, even as we voraciously consume the work, and bemoan waiting for the next book or season.

    So the career I stumbled into somewhat by accident is the one that funds the passion that fed it. Irony or synergy, who can say. Not that I didn’t also dream of working in game development as a child, so I guess it all works out.

    On the other side though something does have to give, and I can never quite find the time, and will to do all the art I want to, to supplement the mad endeavor I have undertaken.


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