A Word On Journals

Most journals are published by colleges. Probably a lot of them have small departments that can’t pay the submitters. The good thing about them is the prestige. If you’ve been chosen by an English department it must mean you’ve written your story well with good spelling and punctuation rules, etc. Many of them are well-respected and will, at least, get your name out there. You won’t get rich writing for journals because most of them don’t pay but if you’re just looking to get your name out there, submit away.

Tomorrow my flash fiction piece, Frozen Behind Glass, comes out in Potato Soup Journal at this URL www.potatosoupjournal.com and I’m excited. That tells me it was good enough for someone to print up. Hey! That’s a good thing.

I sent a short to Clarkesworld magazine but that’s another story, no pun intended. I’m not mad. That’s one of the biggies in the sci fi world. These guys get thousands of submissions and publish very few of them. If they had I might have had a stroke or heart attack.

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