So Far, So Good

Andy Warhol is famous first for his artwork. What he’s second most famous for is the saying that in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. He didn’t live to see what the internet has done. And here’s how to make it work for you in ways that won’t cost much. Many of these are free.

Things are going as well as can be hoped. The writer’s market is saturated with people wanting to be published. They all want to be a paperback writer. Me, too. Even Toni Morrison had to pay dues. Every rejection is another lesson to learn and even if you don’t get paid for your article, short story or poem, at least you got published and that can only help when you submit your next piece of work.

Consider getting another email address for your pseudonym. My poor email box needs a good clearing out. I subscribed to lots of sites whose email I no longer read. Make a new one for your author self and don’t let stupid stuff know about it.

Thank you Crystalwizard for Altered Reality Magazine. You put me out there and I can’t express my gratitude often enough. Just this week I was notified by email that Potato Soup Journal will include my short story Frozen Behind Glass in their October 24 publication. Wait until then and go to if you want to read it.

No, I haven’t been paid for writing yet. That’s okay. Google Dee Caples, Debra Caples or and see what happens. Yeah, baby, that’s me. It started with my blog site on Word Press. You can do it for free although I opted to pay a small yearly fee. If memory serves me right, and don’t hold me to that, it’s thirty-four dollars.

Do you have a Facebook page? Start one! Their Own Little World has been on there for years and I have a small but loyal following of people reading my posts about how to deal with clients who have Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Author’s Publish Magazine. This is primo, ya’ll. Subscribe to their free weekly newsletter and get notices about who’s taking submissions. You’ll get linked to the submissions websites. In addition to that you’ll get notified when they have free guides available. These are written by real editors, writers and publication experts. People in the know.

Pinterest and I are still getting acquainted. Even if you don’t have the money to link your name to the pin board or post articles, you can get lots of help from clicking on pins. Helpful information abounds. Same goes for Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

Make a LinkedIn profile. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for employment. Maybe you have a journalism degree or you want to be a freelance writer or researcher. You can message others, follow and make contact with people whose interests are in line with yours. You can start with free and upgrade to pro.

Get froggy. The water’s fine and it only gets deep if you wade out further. Learn to swim. Then Google your name and get a thrill., #dee caples,,

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