This Is Tougher Than It Seems

Still striking out with the publishers. Had an offer from Writer’s Review to take my work in hand, proofread and edit then hopefully find a publication willing to print it. Voila! Author-ized at last. Only catch is it costs around $300 and there’s no guarantee they’ll get me in print.

If you create a pin on Pinterest you can pay a flat fee and each hit you get they deduct from your “account”. Well, dammit.

All of this sounds fine except I don’t seem to have the cash on hand. Everything financial has bitten me on the patootie. Oh, well, it costs nothing to continue submitting online directly to magazines. So, submit. Reject. Submit again.

4 thoughts on “This Is Tougher Than It Seems

    1. Actually, yes. They have a group on Facebook called Writer’s Relief Cafe. You see both viewpoints as you look around. Do I self-publish or try the mainstream houses? Guys like WR offer things like “submit your manuscript now” and when you do they respond with this service that agrees to proofread and edit the content and then contact various firms they’ve affiliated themselves with in order to get you published. I can’t see how they can guarantee you will be. Some of these magazines, online or not, have surely got to be the kind that don’t pay you or offer a single issue featuring your article, poem or short story.


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