What Do You Think This Means?

Dan Fogelberg’s song The Innocent Age is one of my all-time favorites. That’s also the name of the album. On the cover is a doll propped against a gravestone, symbolizing this bittersweet journey from childhood to old age.

In my opinion, it’s musical poetry at its very best. The line that continues to haunt me since I heard it is “Yearnings unanswered reckon the wage we pay to recapture the innocent age.”

How do you interpret this? How costly is it to exhume the child we once were?

If I’ve done this right you can leave your comment below in the Leave A Reply box. Seriously, I want your interpretation of this line.

One thought on “What Do You Think This Means?

  1. Our desires and needs that were not fulfilled as a child. That keeps us moving forward looking for what was denied an innocent age we can not recapture. The innocence is gone, but still our yearnings drive us on. Answers and desires we forever search for.


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