There’s A Jerk Everywhere You Go

A good friend signed me up for Instagram. Almost immediately I had followers. Wow, me! Followers! Click on the little kite-looking icon at the top right and you can instant message other people on the site.

Now. A word of caution. Most of the folks on there are nice people. They’re just posting pictures and information. Having a good time, getting to know each other. If you’re into online dating then it could lead to the love of your life. I’m afraid I might link up with my first ex-husband, so, no thanks.

Beware of those who start complimenting you very quickly or telling you how lonely they are. If they sound foreign while passing themselves off as one of your countrymen, beware. Biggest tip-off of all…hitting you up for money. “Can you do me a little favor? I need an I-Tunes card, baby.” Actual quote from petersmith55556. I replied, “No, I’m not sending you anything. Scam someone else. Better yet, piss off.” He come back with, “Baby why you saying that? It’s ok am gonna ask someone else. I trusted you baby. You hurting my feelings. I never expected this from you.”

He doesn’t know me.

Another just won’t let it go. I have a man and, God knows, I don’t need another. This guy also asked for money until I made it clear he wasn’t getting a dime from me: ericrankin115. He’s supposedly in Syria and wants to get a plane out. When I wouldn’t jump at the chance to send him money for a ticket he now says he just wants love. Sure. And when I love him he’ll likely ask for money again.

Watch out, ya’ll. There’s a con man on every corner these days. And every internet site. They can take in people who consider themselves to be pretty savvy. Listen to your gut feeling. And look for someone closer to home.

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